Motor Vehicle Injury

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Motor Vehicle Injury Treatment

At McNamara Chiropractic, we understand the importance of immediate care and treatment for injuries such as back injuries, whiplash, concussions, muscle strains, and other forms of physical damage. We can diagnose and provide natural, non-surgical relief for those who have experienced a car accident injury or are concerned about potential problems. Even an impact of 5 mph can cause injuries. If you’re having pain, stiffness, neuropathy, or other issues after a car accident, don’t wait; give us a call.

Head trauma after hitting airbags is very common after motor vehicle collisions. Dr. McNamara can order brain MRI DTI’s if he suspects a head injury. (An MRI DTI is more sensitive than just a regular MRI and measures the functionality of the brain.)

Whiplash to the cervical spine can cause several issues. If your head experienced a hard impact backward and forward, you probably have whiplash. Whiplash can cause torn muscles, ligaments, cervical spinal misalignment, and pinched cervical nerve roots; the last can create manifestations like sciatica in the arms and hands. The whipping movement can also cause a concussion as the brain strikes the inside of the skull.

Natural Treatment Options

Dr. McNamara urges patients to get a spinal evaluation after a car accident as soon as possible. After he evaluates the injury, he may recommend natural treatment methods such as:

  • Spinal adjustments to realign your spine, relieve joint stiffness and end nerve impingement.
  • Appropriate stretches and remedial exercises to help you mend from the impacts of whiplash, sciatica, and other injuries with an optimal range of motion.
  • Therapeutic modalities include EMS, cold laser, ultrasound, and cervical and lumbar traction.
  • Therapeutic eye exercises for brain rehabilitation.
  • Concussion Therapy and Rehabilitation.